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5 of the best money apps to help you boss your finances

Spending money is fun, right? Well right up until you run out of money it is. But saving is boring, and budgeting is hard. And on top of that, you have to live like a social recluse to get any savings.

Well, that’s actually not true. Don’t get me wrong, I still maintain that spending is fun, but managing your finances doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. You don’t have to banish yourself to live in a cupboard under the stairs for 6 months in order to save.

Whether you want to get a better grip of your money situ, build up a little savings nest egg, or just be better at budgeting, these apps will have you bossing your finances in no time.

Best for budgeting

Money Dashboard
Winner of the UK’s Best Personal Finance App in 2017, 2018 and 2020, Money Dashboard is the gold standard of budgeting apps. By hooking up all of your personal accounts Money Dashboard gives you a complete overview of your finances and spending habits.  You can categorise your spending, manage multiple budgets, set up alerts to notify you of any over spending, and predict future spending by analysing your spending trends. Sounds exhausting! Luckily for you, the app does it all for you.

The downside is that Money Dashboard is a read-only tool, so you can’t move money around. That doesn’t detract it from being one of the most user-friendly and attractive apps you can get to manage your finances.

Best for Saving

Using the latest in AI technology, Plum helps you save automatically by tracking your spending and rounding up small change. If you are expecting the app to have a cute AI robot interface, you will be sadly disappointed. But it does have a super-efficient algorithm that analyses your spending and helps you to save automatically. You have full control over how much you save and the app allows you to turn on “beast mode” if you’re in the mood for turbo-boosting your savings.

Users of the Premium service can invest in some of the world’s biggest companies. You can start your investment venture with as little as £1! It makes investing simple and accessible by doing all the hard work for you; choose from 10 funds that have been given a risk-rating and average expected ROI.

It’s worth noting that you won’t earn interest on the savings you make, but you can access and withdraw them at any point to move into an interest-earning savings account.

Best Money Management Tool

Your finance’s best friend, Emma is super savvy when it comes to managing your money better. By connecting all your accounts, you can set budgets across categories including bills, travel and groceries. Emma keeps track of your spending, and isn’t too afraid to curb your card-tapping when she sees you nearing your budget.

One of the highlights of this app is that it searches through your spending history and helps you to identify that gym membership you don’t use (but keep meaning to) or the magazine subscription that is still delivered to your parent’s old address. If she thinks your bank charges are too high, you will be duly informed. Nothing gets past Emma. And finally, Emma will keep you entertained with weekly quizzes, because saving and budgeting doesn’t have to be all boring and numbers.  Emma delivers a no-nonsense approach to good financial advice. You’ll wish you could buy her a drink with all the money she saves you.

Best for getting you the best deals

Not to be confused with the D.O Double G himself, this is the newest contender on the money management app market, and Snoop is already turning heads and lining wallets. Snoop works by watching your current and historical spending habits, and giving you helpful hints and tips on how you can save.  It flags better deals, notifies you of upcoming voucher codes and discounts, compars the best deals on your bills, and gives advice on how to claim if it looks like you are overpaying. Your little personal Snoop robot will work 24/7 and aims to save you £1,500 per year, while you can sit back and watch the pounds pile up.

As a newbie, it isn’t without its glitches – but it is constantly improving, updating and adding to its already impressive tools.

Best for travelling abroad

The only travel companion you will ever need, Revolut promises free card transactions in over 150 countries. It uses the interbank exchange rate, giving you the most competitive exchange rate available. You can top-up a pre-paid debit card via the app – so if you accidentally lose your card hiking through the hills of Botswana (or after one too many tequilas at that Mexican bar) it’s easy to cancel and withdraw funds without any charges.

You can open up an account in just 60 seconds – waving bye-bye to paperwork and lengthy bank applications. There are daily limits to how much you can withdraw and spend, which increases  for a monthly fee. Also included in the Premium option is travel insurance, baggage and flight insurance. After using Revolut you will never be seen abroad without it!

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