6 active apps to motivate you to move your ass

It’s hard dragging your backside to the gym, or even outdoors in this increasingly chilly weather, especially when your bed is so warm and comfy. You want to get fit and healthy, but finding the motivation to get started is a challenge all of it’s own.

But there is good news! Hope is not lost for you or your exercise dreams. Whether you are new to exercise or have just fallen out of a routine, we’ve compiled a list of the best app to get you energised and excited to exercise.

Best for Beginners
Active 10

Everybody has to start somewhere, and “Active 10” is an easy and accessible starting point for adults of all abilities.

Brought to you by Public Health England, and endorsed by our beloved NHS, “Active 10” encourages users to get active by introducing the benefits of just 10 minute brisk walk as a daily activity.

The simplicity and ease in which you can achieve your goals is really motivational – not only will you feel the satisfaction of completing and surpassing oru goals, you will be encouraged to keep on improving.

Best for Lifestyle

Anyone else reward themselves with food after a gruelling workout? Then you will love 8Fit. 8Fit takes exercise and food hand-in-hand, and after an initial assessment, matches you with workout routines and meal plans to help you achieve your goals. Be warned, it’s healthy – so if you were expecting chocolate and ice cream rewards, you will be disappointed – but you’ll get over it, because the recipes are delicious, and more than enough of an incentive to get that sweat on.

The workouts are designed to utilise your body weight, and can be done anywhere. What’s more, the meals are recommended based on your training goals, your personal tastes, and dietary requirements. You even have access to a shopping list to help with meal planning. If only it would do the washing up too.

Best for Rewards

Sometimes personal satisfaction and internal glory just aren’t worth getting out of bed for. But could you be tempted to train for some cold hard cash? If money motivates you, Sweatcoin speaks your language – it’s a step-counting app that rewards you for the steps you take. Steps convert into points which you accumulate and can spend on prizes. Rewards do change daily, so perhaps even more incentive to get a move on.

But it’s more than just a gimmick. Recognised by The British Journal of Sports Medicine, the app delivers a 20% increase in steps taken amongst users, it encourages a sustainable activity, and promises never to share your data.

You should note, you will need to have your phone on you at all times in order for the steps to count, but let’s be honest, who doesn’t? Oh, and the app doesn’t count indoor steps – so it’s technically not cheating if you take the lift!

Best for Personalised Training

Short for Simply Work It, Sworkit creates a varied workout schedule based on what you want to achieve from your training sessions. Workout plans are tailored to your personal ability and to help you reach your personal goals. With a mix of yoga, HIIT, cardio, Pilates, strength-building and stretch exercises, each workout is different to keep your sessions motivational, fun and help your body towards achieving your fitness goal.

Your exercise journey will be fully supported with blogs, targeted fitness information and knowledge, as well as an integrated SworkTeam community to offer hints, tips and moral boosters to keep you going.

Best for Time
Johnson & Johnson 7 minute workout

If you believe that you need a lot of time and fancy, expensive equipment to work out, Johnson and Johnson 7 minute workout is about to prove you very wrong. Loaded with thousands of 7-minute workout variations that require nothing more than a wall, floor or chair, you will be kidding yourself if you can’t spare 7 minutes to get your body moving. The guilt of not doing this alone will be enough to get you active!

There are over 20 intensity levels to help you improve and progress, and each workout can be customised. You also have the choice of being guided by the clock or the trainer, and you can choose music to help motivate you through each session.

Watch out, it can be addictive; 7 minutes can fly by, especially as you improve your strength and stamina, and you may find that 1 workout soon turns into 2 or 3.

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