About Wellbetter

I started wellbetter because I had depression.

I’ve had depression most of my adult life and occasional I win the fight. When I do win the fight it’s because I remind myself to do the things that make me happy. I eat good nutritious food, I exercise, I socialise with good people and I work on my mindfulness (not nearly enough!).

When I don’t do all that, I fall off the wagon and back down that big dark depressing hole.

So I decided to put something out there in the world that would remind me and hopefully you, to do more of the right stuff. The stuff that’s good for you.

You may forget to do it all, and I still do. If you do, don’t worry about it, shit happens. Just try again and if you cant do it alone, there is lots of help out there.

Wellbeing is different for everyone and its not a one size fits all solution. With wellbetter we try to give you a little bit of everything, so we have more chance of reminding you and you and you, of what you might need to be working on.

Importantly we try to do that without it being too boring. Working on your wellbeing should be something you enjoy doing.

Looking after your wellbeing doesn’t mean you have to burn sage and adopt a goat. You can do little things, make small changes and relax into a better version of yourself.

We want to inspire you, distract you and show you how to be a better you.  So hello, we are wellbetter.

Paul D – Founder

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