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How can I reduce clutter in my home?

Sue Rae guides us through the art of mindful ownership, showing us how to reduce clutter around the home, tidy things, and reduce what’s coming into your home, for a calmer, more peaceful home, improving your focus, relaxing your mind and allowing for better mental health.

how can I be more mindful when buying things?

“If you order stuff online I would highly encourage you to leave things in your cart for a week to two weeks. Work out if it is stuff that you want or really need. Obviously essentials like toilet paper aren’t on the list but work out whether it’s a want or a need. We’re a very consumer driven society where we see something on the television, we see an ad and we want it. So we click, we buy. Get to the point of conscious consumption and just working out what is really important.  I think a little bit of delayed gratification goes a long way here.” -Sue Rae

how can I be more mindful when keeping things?

“With storing stuff comes big responsibility. Storing it caring for it, repairing it, organising it, cleaning it and the upkeep of it and then finally moving with it. So if you are going to store stuff look out what’s really important to you. I think owning less really allows you to live more with less stuff. It seems completely paradoxical that if you have less you’re going to have more but you really do .I feel like this is kind of a magic bullet that I’m very passionate about.” -Sue

how much stuff is too much stuff?

“It’s important to almost tailor the things you have in your house to the amount of stuff. Let’s say your closet is completely overstuffed I would say that’s probably too much stuff. The closet is a certain size because it’s supposed to house a certain amount of clothes. Let’s say you have a two-car garage, but you can’t park a single car in there… that’s probably too much stuff.”- Sue

what are some classic problems people face when they try to reduce clutter?

“The other thing I think people keep a lot of is the ‘just in case’ items. You keep old clothes just in case you do painting one day. Or dog walking clothes, like just don’t. Let go of the stuff maybe you keep one. But people keep multiples of things just in case . If you can generally go out and buy something in less than 10 minutes for under 10 pounds I think it’s okay to let go with that stuff if you aren’t think of using it in the very near future.”- Sue

am I signing myself up to a minimalist lifestyle when I reduce clutter?

“No, you don’t have to become minimalists. There are always going to be the extremist. There’s always going to be the people that want more money in their pocket they want more time they want more space. They’re into having less stress in their lives. They never have to ask their question is my house too small to which I always answer your house is not too small you just have too much stuff. If you go into the extreme of the minimalism kind of mindset, you’ll end up with half a dozen T shirts. I’m certainly not a minimalist I just like less stuff as it helps me feel better. I think just eliminating all the superfluous stuff that you don’t need in your life will radically change the way you think and value things that are in your life.”- Sue

Interviewee: Sue Rae

Sue Rae is a professional organiser who helps busy people declutter, purge, organize and streamline their belongings, to help improve their space and live a more meaningful life.

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