How Food Will Make Your Team Happier, Healthier, and More Successful

How Food Will Make Your Team Happier, Healthier, and More Successful 

Food is one of the best ways to improve employee wellbeing. Healthy food kills two birds with one stone: boosting both mental and physical health in one fell swoop. But it’s more than that: it is a real chance to make a meaningful difference to your employees’ working lives, in an affordable and regular way. Think about the on-site gym pre-COVID, it might have only been used by 20% of employees 3-5 times a week at best. But free or subsidised food will be used by pretty much everyone, at least once a day, making it a much more accessible and cost-effective way to regularly engage with your employees whilst promoting wellness. Wellbetter have partnered with Feedr to highlight the importance of food, and how you can champion employee wellness through the use of regular perks.

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How healthy eating can impact your employees

Healthy employees tend to be more productive throughout the day, less stressed, and take fewer sick days. With 88% believing that eating healthily on a daily basis impacts how they feel at work, it’s in your best interest to see your team eat a nutritious, balanced diet that provides them with the nourishment they need to succeed in 2021.

Many essential nutrients boost brain power to help employees feel productive and energized all day long. And eating a variety of healthy foods will also improve your employees’ memory, concentration, sleep, and immune system.

Research has also shown that healthy, balanced diets are associated with fewer occurrences of depression, anxiety, mental health issues and other healthy issues such as heart disease.

5 ways to help employees eat better at work

 When your people know they have healthy options that suit their own individual requirements, and understand that their employer supports them when they try to improve their diets, they will be more productive, healthier, and happier.

Consider offering free or subsidised lunches

Unhealthy food is everywhere – it’s cheap, easy and convenient. So in order to motivate your employees to avoid it, the best thing you can do is to make healthy eating even cheaper, easier and more convenient.

By fully or partially-subsidising healthy lunches, you’ll make the healthier choice the simplest choice for your employees.


Provide fridges and space for healthy snacks

Pack your vending machines with healthy options. Supply fruit bowls and other healthy snacks in visible locations around the office, and provide fridges, freezers and cutlery to make it easier for your workforce to bring food from home should they wish.

Helping your employees eat better is all about encouraging them to make better choices. And it’s much easier to do that when they know they have good options available. That’s why providing healthy snacks around the office can go a long way.


Regularly communicate nutritional information

Take on healthy challenges as an office. For example, try going refined sugar-free for a month as a team. Hang posters and leaflets that explain the importance (and the meaning) of nutritional values, and consider bringing a professional nutritionist in for a lecture or one-on-one meetings with employees in the office or online.

You can arm your employees with nutritional information in various ways. If you have an in-house canteen, you can include nutritional information on all meals served; you can share guidelines on nutritional information with the whole office through posters, internal mailers, or other similar avenues.

Make variety accessible

Lack of food diversity can make your workforce feel like healthy food is yet another chore. From there, it’s easy to start craving unhealthy options, so try to avoid offering the same foods every time. Consider subscribing to a healthy snack box, fruit box delivery service or regular pantry fill drops full of exciting foods from local businesses.

Encourage employees to take care of their health

A point to remember; our diets cannot be viewed out of context. Even if your employees eat a perfect diet but fail to exercise, sleep or relax enough, they will not be as healthy as they can be. It will also be more difficult for them to maintain a healthy diet if they don’t work at these other pillars of wellbeing.

In summary

When your workforce knows they have healthy options that suit their own individual requirements, and understand that their employer supports them when they try to improve their diets, they will be more productive, healthier, and happier.

About Feedr

Feedr is a flexible food tech platform with a full suite of office catering solutions, ranging from lunch to hospitality to special event pop-ups. Feedr’s Cloud Canteen taps into a community of 100+ vendors, providing businesses with a flexible food perk without needing to set-up a full on-site canteen. Employees choose from a selection of curated menus and receive individually labelled meals delivered directly to the office, only on days that they’re in. Businesses have access to an admin portal, where they can choose the level of subsidy, amend the schedule, and monitor employee engagement. There is no subscription fee and Feedr only charges for active users, allowing companies to easily manage fluctuating headcounts and reduce food waste.

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