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YogiTribe’s guide on, how to start being productive in lockdown.

Lockdown can weigh us down if we let it, sometimes feeling like Groundhog Day… but it doesn’t have to be this way! Planning is everything but be flexible and kind to yourself, some days don’t always go to plan but it’s helpful to have some guidelines. Here are some helpful tips for having a productive day:

1: Arise: Set your alarm and wake up earlier and with intention. If you live with others it can be so very productive to get up earlier while it’s quiet and have that time to yourself so that you start your day with clarity and awareness.

2: Movement: Start the day with a movement practice such as an online yoga class (with YogiTribe). Cardio classes are also great for getting your heart pumping and your brain firing. A yoga practice not only makes you feel great and builds a strong and toned body, but it also gets your creative brain active too. Mixing cardio and yoga is the perfect combination!

3: Meditate: Perfect timing for this is after your movement practice but keep yourself accountable, it doesn’t have to take up much time unless you want it too. Just sit quietly for a few minutes with a cuppa. Find a quiet comfortable spot and sit, noticing your breath, having a moment of quiet, free from news, phones and screens. Clearing your mind is much easier to do after a yoga or movement and breathwork practice. A nice practice is to visualise something that you find calming, such as the ocean.

4: Journal: Begin with gratitude and write down a list of 10 things you are grateful for – this will help to train your mindset to a positive one and set you up well for your day.

5: List: Write down what you would like to achieve today. The act of writing things down really imprints the intention and you are much more likely to get it done, and it is satisfying to cross it off your list.

6: Fuel: Have a rainbow of foods on your plate to make sure you are getting all of the nutrients and vitamins that you need. It can also help to write your foods eaten in a food diary to keep track and to stop over eating from happening. And hydrate, try to drink two litres of water every day for clear skin and a healthy body.

7: Stretch: Particularly if you are working from home. Make sure you get up and stretch from time to time. Chair yoga can also help.

8: Balance: Make sure you have a balance in your day of exercise, work, fun and socialising whether that is phoning a friend, playing a game, balance and reaching out to others is important for looking after your mental health.

9: Finish: your day without screens to help you get a better nights sleep. Read, meditate and journal. Write down what went well. And, whatever you didn’t get done, you can write it into tomorrow’s day. This way you finish the day with a sense of wellbeing and a clear head.

10: Sleep: A good night’s sleep is important for productivity the next day, for weight loss and for your mental and physical health. Have the light’s low for the hour before sleep. Eat no later than four hours before you put your head down, so that your digestive system is not active as you rest. Perhaps take a relaxing bath, practice rituals of self care such as a yin class before you sleep, get snuggly and have the best night’s sleep so your day is productive and positive!

These of course are just guidelines, and you might want to tweak them to fit in with your day. For instance, if you live with others you might want to put some time aside to spend some time with them. Or make some time to do something creative such as baking or colouring which can be relaxing too, or perhaps even learning a new skill. But remember that everyone is different, so it’s important to tune in to your thoughts and feelings and plan your days accordingly.


Author: Jess White

Jess has been teaching yoga for over six years after training in Miami initially in the strong style of Budokon yoga, and has since qualified in several other schools including Vikassa, Calm for kids, Apple yoga and Rainbow children’s yoga. Jess runs worldwide retreats, mini retreats, corporate classes, group and privates, and also works with children in schools and online.

She is passionate about sharing yoga with everyone and making it accessible for all.  Her approach is welcoming and warm with a dynamic sense of wholeness. And her passion lies in seeing the transformational benefits of yoga unfold in her students.

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