How to incorporate fitness into your work and home life…you’re too busy…I know

Everyone’s busy these days, we’re all attached to smart phones and screens and addicted to looking at them.

I’ve seen someones email open amount on Gmail at 300 a day! That’s crazy, that’s checking to see if an email comes through just because you’ve opened it, when in reality you could check it even ten times a day and be more productive.

So there’s busy and there’s productive. Which one are you? Be honest with yourself. I’ve had people tell me they’re too busy to go to the physio or too busy to reduce pain? Err ok.

I’ve had people tell me they’re too busy to walk, too busy to resistance train, too busy to track their food, too busy to do 5 minutes of meditation daily. But are they really too busy?

I have a sheet with 30 minute time stamps on it from 6am to 10pm. Now people hate filling this in. Why?

Because then they have to confess what they do with their time. Hard to then say they’re too busy to go for a walk when there’s 60 minutes scrolling Instagram and 2 hours unaccounted for. (2hrs probably frantically checking for new emails….300 f’ing times)

Now work life, or busy life not working, you have to decide why you want to workout, walk, do mobility, meditate, etc, and if you don’t know why you want to do it, you probably won’t do it.


If you wanted to feel better, look better, have more energy, more time away from a screen, get more fresh air and daylight, relax your mind and body more, then you might start to think about finding time. When though you ask?

Depends on you….

Whenever you can fit it in. Some people like to do these things upon waking, get it done and set up their day. Some people like to do it as breaks from work, so they diarize it at different points in their work day, might be a lunchtime thing, and some prefer after work.

You just have to try a few and see what sticks.

For me, I get my morning mobility done before breakfast, works well. I workout at 2pm always as that’s my quiet gap in the day, I’ve had a few meals, have a tonne of energy, then I still have the evening to do what I want.

One big tip I have for you….

Nothing is a defined time. A workout is not 60mins, a walk is not 40mins, meditation is not 10. You can start lower to firstly make it a routine and part of your day and your week.

Can’t find 30mins to workout? Cool, what about 20mins non stop?

Can’t do 10mins meditation? What about 5mins no screens, no sounds and just focus on your breathing, deep inhales, powerful exhales, 7 seconds in, 7 out.

If you can’t do something, shrink it down, make it so easy to do, it seems pathetic. A 20 minute workout, why bother right? Well because if you do it 3x a week that’s 52 hours of resistance training a year you’ve just added in.

You’ve just gone from “too busy” to finding 52 spare hours a year to improve fitness, your body, mind, energy, happiness, confidence. How easy was that? And once you can do that you can ask yourself what else you can do.

Do you want to add in more walks? Same thing, start small. Don’t try 20,000 steps a day when you’re currently on 3000, it’s recipe for failure, too big a gap, and you’re too busy remember 😉

We have time for anything we want to do.

If you say you don’t have time, what you actually mean is…It’s not a priority for you. Rephrase it like that next time you have that thought.

The meditation is not a priority for you, Instagram is. The 20 min workout is not a priority for you, sitting on the couch checking emails and texts for the hundredth time is. It’s all your choice at the end, as is complaining about how you look and feel.

Time to make a change?

Drop me a message if you’d like my time check sheet. I challenge you to do it and be accountable to yourself and see where your time actually goes.

Author: Lee Brooks.

Lee has been constantly fine tuning his skills to deliver the best nutrition advice, best training programs, and best lifestyle behaviour changes for you.

Check his services out here.


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