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How to make your own negroni at home

Looking after your wellbeing doesn’t need to be boring.  Have fun too.  Make a cocktail, smile more and enjoy a drink with friends or family.

At Wellbetter we promote a healthy life style but we are not all robots.  We can have a Friday off and enjoy a tasty cocktail in a responsible way.  Here is Jonny from Beetle Juice whipping up a tasty Negroni.

Give it a go if it tickles your fancy.

What you’ll need to make your very own Negroni:

  • Campari, which is an Italian alcoholic liqueur.
  • Martini Rosso, a sweet vermouth (whatever that is).
  • Gin, which is a tasty alcohol.

We’ve kept in simple as all ingredients are a 25ml measure.

You’ll also need some ice, a fancy glass to serve in and if you’re wanting to go the extra mile you can even garnish with an orange slice. The finally thing you will need is some friend or family to share your cocktail creation with. Enjoy!

If your wanting to expand your cocktail making skills even more why not try making another Beetle Juice cocktail. There’s plenty to chose from like a non-alcoholic bitter peach for all the mums to be out there or even our very own Wellbetter cocktail !

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