How to reduce stress during a pandemic

Milo-Arne is a neuroscientist and is the very person we should be listening to in tough times like these. Treat your brain and learn peeps…

“You have to accept that in your bones that this is something that you need to accept, the world is a little bit different. Your company may be suffering. You might have worked 20 years for company and all of a sudden it’s in trouble. You have to accept that this is the way it is,  this is the new baseline. Acceptance doesn’t mean giving up, it means not resisting or fighting the reality so you can apply your energy elsewhere. It allows you to step into more spacious mental space that allows you to do things that are constructive instead of being in a state of psychological self-torment that none of this is happening I’m in the river denial. Expect less from yourself is also really important one. Most of us have heard for most of our lives to expect more from ourselves one way or another and we must give ourselves permission to do the absolute opposite.”

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