Improve your coffee game with a cafetière

Who can function without good coffee?  Anyone?   If you do exist, can we have a blood sample please?   For everyone else, here is our in house coffee snob Ben, showing the world how to make better coffee using a Cafetiere.   Have a better coffee.

What you’ll need:

A Cafetière. 

It doesn’t mater what size or shape any will work.


If you want to be fancy you can grind your own. But if  you don’t have a coffee grinder make sure to get the best quality grounded coffee.  Top tip, look out for the date it was roasted on.


Try using filtered water or even bottled water to help improve the quality of your coffee.


Rome wasn’t built in a day so don’t expect good coffee to be made in under a minute. Make sure you have plenty of time to make your coffee. Patients is also key, so listen to Ben when it comes to leaving your coffee to sit. Trust the process.


Make sure you have the right technique, it may take a few tries but if you follow Bens lead, your coffee will be to a barista standard in no time.

Your Favourite Mug

Make sure to pick our your favourite mug to enjoy your coffee in.

If you want to master more coffee recipes check out Bens other videos including “How to make a barista worthy Iced Latte”. Enjoy!


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