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Is there a certain way to meditate?

Meditation doesn’t have to be sitting down on a mat, closing their eyes and breathing a certain way. When you meditate you can do it in so many different ways.

In fact you might actually be meditating without even realising it.

Here is Terrence The Teacher to explain more about how you can meditate…

I don’t believe there is because you can go for a run and it’s a meditation. You can go for a drive and it’s meditation because when you drive you go into a hypnotic state and when someone says ‘how did you get from A to B’,  you go ‘oh my god I don’t know’.

You look at animals and they meditate. A Lion or a dog , lick themselves over and over, it’s that repetition and focusing on one thing on purpose, in the present moment .

So for me it doesn’t have to have all those attachments but the way that we as humans operate is that we like a process, we like rituals, we like the repetition of certain things. Sometimes we need all the extras. It’s  interesting because if I don’t sit down in a certain way then I won’t. If I don’t close all the windows and burn a candle then I’m not going to be focused . So for me I don’t mine if you need to add all that stuff but I know you don’t”

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