Kids won’t go to sleep

Getting your beauty sleep is so important! And when your kids don’t get a good nights sleep you usually don’t either.

Terrence The Teacher is here to explain why the way you react your children during bedtime could be causing issues…

“The reason why I say that it is parents’ fault that kids don’t sleep is that it’s a habit and as a parent you have to teach and install that habit into the child.

Obviously we think that kids will naturally fall asleep but in the beginning they quite reliant on the parent to set up those times and those parameters. Especially when it gets to the point where the child goes to the cot and has to be left alone. The parents obviously want to take the child out because it’s crying and those are the points where the parent has to become a little bit more pragmatic and just go I’m going to leave this child here I’ll sit in the room, I will be their supportive and allow them to find the pattern of sleep. A lot of parents don’t because the mother’s instinct is if the child cries I’ve got to pick it up. It’s counter intuitive. If you can fight that instinct you could help your kids to learn very early on what the correct sleeping patterns are.”


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