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PTs & online coaching for employees – the new way to make people happier and more efficient in the workplace.

How many courses do employees get thrown on? Usually all to hone their craft, make them better at working, but what about them as a human? When’s the last course they did to make them better as a fully functioning machine? Healthier, less aches and pains, more energy, better sleep and more confidence, better bodyfat levels?

What’s the cost to the company in sick days? What about recruiting new staff as the old ones left? Did they leave because of unhappiness? Burnout? Health reasons? Does anybody know what’s going on?

If people are healthier, have an education and understanding of food they should eat, how it effects them, sleep and stress optimization, and the best movement and workout practices, the they’ll feel better and perform better. And that means better employees, happier ones, energetic ones that have clearer thinking.

And that translates to better work and a positive effect for the overall organisation.

Now I don’t mean just any old boot camp. Smash the staff up once as a team builder then on they go on with their lives. I mean real education, some seminars on sleep, movement, stress, and nutrition. Getting everybody on the same page. Make them realise that the obstacles and issues they have are probably shared with many others they work with. People aren’t alone in their struggles, they just think they are.

Add all that to workouts people can do in gyms or from home, maybe add challenges like weight loss or body transformation competitions, prizes, get people talking about being healthy, moving and working out, all as team mates, a support network.

I know that with the seminars I teach to groups, people have lots of questions. They just need someone with experience to be stood in front of them so they have that opportunity to ask. After each session all the participants will have chosen action steps to immediately implement. I want people to notice change right away, and positive changes roll over into home and family life too which then bounces back again to improving work life.

If home and work are improved that’s some happy employees right there, and who ever woke up happy, fresh and full of life, then thought I might call in sick? Yep, nobody.

So let’s get people talking about their health, nutrition, sleep issues, stressors, movement, and their deep down emotional goals.

It’ll unify teams, bring them closer together, increase empathy for one another and build strong bonds with people that will now help each other succeed in their goals to be the best version of themselves.

Imagine heading into work knowing your colleagues will help keep you accountable, support you, all in a way that sees you become the best version of you, because you’re doing the same for them, regardless of company position and hierarchy. Add that to ongoing Online Coaching with a personal trainer to answer questions, deliver clarity and build lifestyle solutions to each individual. Powerful stuff.

When I read that back it honestly sounds like an advert to join the Navy Seals, but levelling up is something you can definitely do whoever you are. Nobody starts off elite, they work for it, but there’s always someone leading from the front, and that’s your Online PT.

Author: Lee Brooks.

Lee has been constantly fine tuning his skills to deliver the best nutrition advice, best training programs, and best lifestyle behaviour changes for you.

Check his services out here. x

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