Sleep enhancers to get a good nights rest

Every little helps when it comes to getting the best nights sleeps. This includes setting up the perfect environment for getting those forty winks or having a good cuppa before bed. Terrence The Teacher is here to share his tips on the best sleep enhancers.


Prepare your bedroom make sure that your bedroom is warm or at the right temperature that works for you. Try to make sure that the place that you sleep in is for sleep only because again the subconscious makes an association with this is my bedroom this is my bed this is where I’m going to sleep.

Make sure that it’s nice and dark, as dark as possible. Make sure the body doesn’t get any light simulation so that it can go into the deepest sleep possible.  Another sleeping enhancer is a warm drink something again for the body to calm down with. You can also do something relaxing like breathing exercises stretching exercises anything that will help your body to relax and calm down will enhance your sleep. I would say those are the top ones.

I have mentioned before a night time routine or ritual I want to put it in here as well because with those rituals you can be something as simple as packing away your clothing, hanging away your clothes hanging away your worries for the night, closing the cupboard, closing away all of your stresses for the day until you wake up tomorrow and again subconsciously the mind will just associate  this with ah we’re getting ready for bed.”

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