Sleep serotonin vs melatonin

The science of sleep.  Terrence the Teacher loves a good kip! He can help you get the sleep you deserve!

“Serotonin is what wakes us up. It is part of our energy is part of what we use during the day when we’re awake.

Melatonin is what helps us to go into natural sleep. Serotonin is naturally produced as is melatonin in the body and a lot of it has got to do with light. The more light, the most stimulation the more serotonin. The darker, the dimmer, the more melatonin, and the less serotonin.  When the sun goes down melatonin levels will come up serotonin goes down. It’s a very natural process. If we let it be, we will fall asleep naturally but obviously a lot of what we do works against that natural process.”

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