Struggling to sleep during a pandemic

A goodnights sleep can make the world of a difference. But with the world being a bit chaotic right now, some of us may be struggling to get a good forty winks, we are in the middle of a pandemic after all.

But fear not Terrence The Teacher is here to share some advice on how to get that dream time when struggling to sleep. zzzzzzzz


Here’s what Terrence had to say about if your struggling to sleep during the  pandemic..

“My first advice that I give to people about sleeping during the pandemic is don’t worry about it let it go this is not a normal time this is a time that we are all being challenged in so many different ways.

If your now going to add another worry and stress on top of it which is Oh my God I can’t sleep it’s it’s not going to help you.

Our mind or body actually genetically has worked out a way to keep us awake in situations of stress of danger. It’s actually quite natural because we have to be aware that maybe there’s an animal that’s going to catch us or something is going to happen. We are living in a time were we feel that we are under threat so of course we’re going to struggle to sleep. Except it acknowledge it be with it don’t worry about it it’s not going to last forever and just by letting go of that worry of the worry of not being able to sleep you’ll find that you might sleep better.”

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