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Supporting employee wellbeing while working remotely

Milo-Arne Wilkinson has 7 degrees that cover areas including forensic psychology, neuroscience and organisational psychology .  She is here to tell leaders how they should be supporting employees while working remotely.

Here’s what Milo has to say on supporting employee wellbeing while working remotely:

“Do they need more touch points from you more communication, more clarity, more time? Talk about the emotions you are feeling right now because that will form part of your workday.  The acknowledgement of how people are feeling is just as important as what they are doing. Start your day with a personal and professional check in, even ask how their families are feeling. Go out of your way to understand the environment they are actually in right now.

As leaders you have a responsibility to acknowledge the words you are attributing to your own personal situation then understand the effects it might have on your leadership and people.

For example I was working with a team who had never worked remotely to this extent before. Some extroverts in the team were more silent than normal, the leader was seemingly more demanding. And some of the team members were forgetting or even being abnormally late for their check-ins. This was out of character for about 80 percent of them. They just stopped one day and put the work aside and asked each other to express their fears, emotions, instability, concerns because they weren’t able to do that with their loved ones at home they were leaders after all. They were suppose to be fearless. But if we don’t create a space to check in on reality we can’t expect the same outcomes we’ve always been accustomed to.” 



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