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The benefits of decluttering for your health

Sue Rae runs through all the mental and physical health benefits of clearing and cleaning your home, decluttering, denoising the house, and living a slightly more minimal lifestyle, surrounded by less clutter and mess.

Are there mental health benefits to decluttering?

“Decluttering helps clear your mind and it can also help promote relaxation. Not having stuff around you that’s visually overstimulating can really help the way you feel when you’re in your home. Clutter tends to cause feelings of anxiety for people which if going out of control can lead to feelings of depression.

It can unfortunately impact on your sleep. You can experience sleep loss if you’re in a bedroom that has lots of stuff. Sometimes it can be incredibly hard to focus if you have got stuff around you that is vying for you attention you might find it hard to really focus on what your supposed to be doing. So that’s really about the mental side of things.”

Is it just my own mental health that will benefit?

“If you live with people or you’ve got family that live with you there can be under the radar tensions about mess. Such as opinions that your messy or you don’t help. There’s that underlying tension that can be palpable to some.

When you are decluttering one of the fun things about decluttering is finding lost treasures. Your unearthing things that you thought you’d lost in all of this clutter that’s also like a really fun kind of emotional part to it.”

Are there any other benefits to decluttering?

“I think the first thing is if there’s a tripping hazard in your house tidy it, that’s probably one of the big ones.  Creating more liveable space is another, a living room you’re supposed to be living in, it’s not supposed to be filled up with too much stuff. So if you can get rid of stuff and help others by donating it to someone locally that’s going to really feel good.

And if you can just keep what you want and what really matters to you you’re going to feel an incredible sense of accomplishment once you go through each room. You are going to feel fantastic by the end of it and now with this lockdown and people being inside it is the perfect time to start.”


Interviewee: Sue Rae

Sue Rae is a professional organiser who helps busy people declutter, purge, organize and streamline their belongings, to help improve their space and live a more meaningful life.

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