Tips for being ready to sleep

Terrence is here with some great tips to make sure when it comes to going to bed your ready for going to sleep. Happy snoozing!


Here’s what Terrence has to say…

To prepare yourself for sleep I would suggest you’ve got to get your body ready for sleep.  So one of the things you want to do is you want to slow down, you want to let your body know that you are now going into a slower more relaxed state.

I always say to people for instance do everything twice as slow, if you go and wash the dishes really take your time, if you make a cup of tea take out the cup and put slow it down, boil the water  and just stand because the subconscious watches the whole time and it looks at what is going on.

If you start doing everything slowly it will go ‘he is preparing or she’s preparing to rest or relax’ so that’s the obvious or big thing I would suggest at night.

Create a night time routine or ritual. That can be your beauty ritual of taking off the makeup if you’re female, spending some time wash away the stresses of your day have a nice bath, reading a book anything that you associate with ‘this calms me this relaxes me’. Everyone is different because I can’t say reading will help you to relax you’ve got to decide what makes you calm and what makes you relax and then bring that into the evening. “

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