What are the worst things to disrupt your sleep?

Sleep can make our break your day. Which is why it’s important to understand the worst things to disrupt your sleep.

Here’s Terrence The Teacher to explain more…

“Sleep disrupters are the things that we do everyday in our lives like sit on our mobile phone, sit on our laptops, watch television, listen to music watch YouTube.

There’s a lot of these things that have become part of out lives that to me are main sleep disruptors. One of the reasons behind it is that is the blue light. The blue light of our devices actually stimulates serotonin which means melatonin production is decreased. This means at night when you supposed to go one way with melatonin the other way with serotonin you’re countering it and then when it comes to now ‘I want to put this down to sleep’ we wonder why we can’t sleep.”



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