What should I do if I wake during the night?

It can be difficult to know what to do when you wake up during the night. Which is why we’ve brought Terrence The Teacher in to explain more about what you should be when you wake.

“First of all accept it , be okay with it don’t let it stress you. I would suggest getting out of bed if you are really awake. Get up and remove yourself from the space that you are sleeping in because you want to keep that association of this is where I sleep. Go sit in your living room with a dim light, whatever you need to do until you feel tired enough again. You want to keep the association with your bed and sleep otherwise you’re going to start thinking about how you are lying there rolling around and moving pillows. You’re going to start creating a negative relationship with your bed and we want to avoid that.

Step one is remove yourself immediately, accept it’s okay.

Don’t make it bigger than it is and you might find very quickly you’ll feel tired again and get back to sleep.

Another thing I want to say about waking up at night is if you know the sleep cycle you know that one of the sleep cycles is light sleep and throughout the night you go into light sleep. All that happens when you wake up in the middle of the night is you only overshoot yours light sleep a little bit and you go a little bit higher than you should that’s all it is.

Your still in light sleep if you could just go okay, I’m still in light that’s why I’ve woken up nothing major just it’s okay I will return to sleep. You’ll actually find very quickly you’ll go back to the next phase of your sleep pattern. It’s people that overshoot that actually wakes up but if you don’t make something big of it you’ll very quickly go back to sleeping again.”

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