Why do so many people struggle to sleep?

If you struggle to get a goodnights sleep, don’t worry your not alone.

Terrence the Teacher is here to explain why so many of us face struggles when it come to getting some rest.

“We have disconnected from our natural ability to sleep and a lot of it’s got to do with our lifestyles. All the things that we do are counterintuitive to allowing the natural process of sleep to occur.

We work till late at night, we eat late at night, we do things up till midnight or midnight is usually the time that people start partying. When we’re supposed to sleep, is when our melatonin levels are the highest and serotonin levels get reduced. That usually starts once the sun goes down. But what we are doing is we’re not allowing that natural process to occur. We’re fighting it and then we wonder why we struggle to sleep.”

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