X do’s and don’ts : The A-Z of Fitness with FLY Project

The FLY Project team give us the A-Z of Fitness. X is for … the do’s and don’ts of training.


“X is for the do’s and don’ts when you’re training. The top things we come across are don’t try and lift too heavy too soon because it’ll put you off, you’ll injury yourself these are just a couple of reason. Don’t believe everything you see on Instagram and don’t follow all the fad diets you hear about.

This has got to be a lifestyle; training is a lifestyle.  Keep talking about being consistent still being varied and showing up, if you can do that stick at it get after is guy that’s where you’re going to see your results. Don’t apply pressure on yourself by what you see on social media, don’t look for those quick fixes from fad diets and don’t try and do too much too soon. Seek advice, be consistent and get after it.”

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